hello again…

Hello again.

I’ve neglected this blog of mine for far too long. It’s not because I have nothing to say, believe me. I’ve had bits and pieces of ramblings and fragmented thoughts that never fully formed into typing on the page, flutter through my mind; quite frequently actually. But inevitably, by the time I sat at my computer to type, the text in my brain vanished and I’d end up staring at my screen blankly. I thought a fresh start and new look would assist in my new found desire to share my words, soooo…

New look! New name! Cardigans & narwhals. Let me explain…

Anyone who spends time with me quickly realizes that I am a cardigan junky. I LOVE them! They offer the perfect solution to any outfit. Too cold in the summer? Cardigan. Too cold in the winter? Cardigan.  Feeling bleh and bloated? Cardigan.  Office air conditioning? Cardigan. Stain your shirt? Cardigan. Dress them up or down, I have one for pretty much every outfit I own.

Narwhals. I am fascinated with this unicorn of the sea! If I ascribed to spirit animals, this would be it. A little strange and awkward, kind of rare and misunderstood. It’s pretty much me in animal form.

So welcome back…let’s dig in, shall we?

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